Springfield, MO Chapter – Catholic Schoolhouse

Homeschool Success through a Classical Approach

Super Scholar

The cornerstone of achievement in which Catholic Schoolhouse scholars demonstrate their mastery of twenty -four weeks of memory statements covering seven different subjects.


Super Scholar is an incentive for our grammar and dialectic students to be recognized and rewarded for learning the memory work.  The scholars are introduced to the memory work each week by their tutor in the classroom. All scholars are encouraged to study with their families to prepare for competition. The seven subject areas are:

1. Religion 2. Math 3. Science 4. Latin 5. Language Arts 6. Geography 7. History

Awards: The directors will award signed certificates of achievement to those who successfully memorize an entire subject. They can choose one or more to work toward.

The titles for winning one or more subjects are as follows:

 One – Spectacular Specialist

 Two – Whiz Kid

 Three – Terrific Thinker

 Four – Academic Athlete

 Five – Extraordinary Expert

 Six – Incredible Intellectual

 Seven –Super Scholar In addition to a certificate, the director will award a medal or trophy to those achieving Super Scholar (seven subjects). The medals ($5.00) have the CS logo plus Super Scholar engraved. The trophies ($8.00) are seven inches tall, have a similar face as the medal, and include the child’s name, date, and chapter engraved on the base. Ordering information will be posted for your convenience in the spring.

Each family decides how many achievements to work toward in a given year. Families are not required to participate, but all families are encouraged to work toward at least one achievement. Parents will work with their student at home and confirm they are ready to be evaluated at year’s end. Directors will quiz the student with just the parent present. Parents are there for support and witness but must remain quiet.

Directors will randomly quiz the child by asking about a topic such as, “Tell me about the area of a rectangle.” The student will respond, “The area of a rectangle equals length times width.” Or, “Finish this statement: The Civil Rights movement started in” and the child will respond with the entire history statement.

For scholars attempting several subjects, directors will ask 6-8 questions for one subject at a time before switching to the next subject. Answering 6-8 questions successfully completes the award for that subject. Staying relaxed and encouraging the scholar to be relaxed will aid the scholar’s success. When the material in the Tour Guide and the CD do not match exactly word for word, either presentation is acceptable.  Trophies and certificates will be awarded at our End-of-Year showcase.


Additional tips for parents: The most successful students usually sing the answers to the director when prompted. Please encourage your students that singing the answer during testing is perfectly acceptable.