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For scholars, aged 15-18

Welcome to Mrs. Sicola’s High School Page!  We are thrilled to begin our year with our 10th-12th graders!  Here is an overview of our schedule, content, and requirements for the year. Come back as we add pictures and updates on our learning together.

General Information:

What:  Lost Tools of  Writing composition lessons, Latin Prayers, Speech & Recitation, American History,  American Art, Music, and Culture, Seminar and Catholic Culture,  and Geography. Scholars will earn; 1 American History credit,  1 English credit or 1/2 Composition credit and 1/2 American literature credit, 1/2 Fine Arts credit (potentially 1 credit), 1/3 church history credit, and 1/3 speech credit.

When:  Wednesdays 10:00 am – 1:45 pm

Where:  St. Joseph the Worker Church, Ozark, MO.

Who:  Students age 15 by 08/05/17 and older; Drop-off is available, and/or students of driving age may drive themselves.

Cost:  $275 tuition, $100 supply fee (includes all required books)

Here is what we have planned for high school this year:


10:00-10:05 – Opening Prayer

Prayer and Brief announcements then dismissed to class.

10:05-10:45 – Composition — Lost Tools of Writing Level 1 — 1/2 credit — potentially 1 credit:

The Lost Tools of Writing Level One uses literature and history topics to teach the students the art of the writing an essay using classical methods. The program guides students in developing a thesis for their essays and encourages improvement and growth in their writing from year to year.

To make this a full credit course add vocabulary and advanced grammar (if needed) at home. Or combine this with CSH American Literature to receive 1 English credit.

Homework: 30-60 min per week

For more information on Lost Tools, please check out this link

10:45-10:55  Speech — 1/3 credit:

Speech gives opportunities for presentations of student-written papers, as well as memorization and recitation of works by four American pieces: “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death,” by Patrick Henry; “Gettysburg Address,” by Abraham Lincoln; “Prayer of a Soldier in France,” by Joyce Kilmer; “Address to the Nations, 9-11-01,” by George Bush. Classical and oratorical skills addressed over the three tours.

A schedule of when your scholar presents will be provided.

Scholars completing three tours of speech, during the dialectic or rhetoric age, would earn 1 credit in speech, two tour completed earns1/2 credit in speech.

Homework: 1-2 hrs/quarter

10:55-11:45 – American  History —  1 credit:

Scholars will explore US History using the book, A History of the American People by Johnson. Weekly discussion topics in Socratic Seminar will relate to American culture and history. Church history and document discussion will further explore our Catholic heritage. We will explore Catholic culture as it was lived out in the formation of the US and the Catholic Church in America, using source documents from the time.

Scholars will also earn 1/3 credit church history credit for this class. Our three years together comprise a good overview of Church history worthy of a full credit. Add an at-home course each year to complete all four credits of high school religion. Free integrated multi-age religion course is provided for home use as desired.

Homework: 60 minutes per week

Church document discussion. Homework: Read assigned excerpts

11:45-12:15 – Lunch Break:

Bring a sack lunch to enjoy during our lunch break. A great t

ime to socialize.

12:15-12:40 – American Literature — 1/2 credit — potentially 1 credit:

Literature choices have been chosen to allow discussion of classic and historical works, further analyzing literary elements and discussing the virtue and morality of characters. Provided discussion guides assist the students in forming and discussing opinions on issues posed i

n literary works. Tour I selections: The Scarlet Letter, Nathaniel Hawthorne;

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain;

American Poetry: Selections from Frost, Longfellow, Whitman; Death Comes for the Archbishop, Willa Cather. Homework: Read 1 book per quarter

To make this a full credit course it is recommended to read 1 more book per quarter (suggestions provided) and write 2-4 papers. Or combine with CSH Composition give 1 English credit.


1:00-1:45 – Fine Arts —Tour I: American Art, Music, and Culture — 1/2 credit — potentially 1 credit:


Art class is with Mrs. Jones. The slideshow-based quarterly seminar introduces students to the development of and relation between art, music, and culture. Art projects develop skills related to the featured artist. Scholars will produce 2 pieces of quality art per quarter.

Earns students 1/2 credit art. Add music lessons for 1 fine arts credit. Add 1 book or report per quarter for 1 art or art history credit.

Click here for a PDF of at home curriculum suggestions.

Our 2017-2018 Teachers:

Mrs. Victoria Sicola,  American History & English — Mrs. Sicola has homeschooled her four children for a total of ten years. She graduated from Northern Illinois University with a Degree in Sociology with an emphasis in Criminology.

Mrs. Sicola spent most of her career working with teens. First in mental health then as a Single Parent Coordinator. In this position, she coordinated a grant for a 6-county-wide area outside of Chicago for pregnant and parenting teens, helping them to complete a vocational education while funding their education and childcare. She also worked as an Early Intervention Service Coordinator for Missouri First Steps and it’s counterpoint in Illinois, Child and Family Connections. She coordinated services for children, aged birth to three, who experienced delays due to a medical condition, or disability. She worked extensively with Parents as Teachers and Elementary School systems to ensure the children on my caseload obtained the services necessary for them to transition to, and succeed in school.

She appreciates the emphasis Catholic School House places on developing critical thinking skills in students. Coming from a background in Sociology, it’s imperative we teach our children how to critically examine all current and historic events, from a Catholic perspective. These skills will prepare them for future successes in education, work, and life.

Mrs. Elaine Jones, Fine Art Tutor   — Mrs. Jones earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design from Missouri State University. She worked briefly in print production and freelance. She is a mother of two children and in her third year of homeschooling. Mrs. Jones hopes her students will cultivate creativity, leadership, and a love for the arts. In her experience, anything can be cured with a little art, good food, and a nap. “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” –Albert Einstein

High School Yearly Rotation for Future Planning:

Tour I (2017-2018)-American History, American Literature, and American Art
  Tour II (2018-2019)-Government/Economics, World Literature, Ancients Art
  Tour III (2019-2020)- World History, British Literature (including Shakespeare), and Renaissance and Modern Art

We look forward to providing outstanding Catholic classes and fellowship for our rhetoric scholars!  Thank you for sharing your students with us.