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For scholars aged 12-15

Welcome to Mrs. Anderson’s Dialectic (middle school) Page!  We are excited to start the new school year with our 7th-9th graders.  It’s going to be a great year of learning together.  Here is an overview of our schedule and content for the year.  Come back again as we add pictures and information on our journey in American History from the Founding of Our Country through Modern Times.

General Information:

What:  IEW – U.S. History-Based Writing Lessons, Latin Prayers, Speech & Recitation, Life Science and Anatomy Lab,  American Art, Music, and Culture, Seminar and Catholic Culture, Timeline and Geography.

When:  Wednesdays 10:00 am – 1:45 pm

Where:  St. Joseph the Worker Church, Ozark, MO.

Who:  Students age 12 by 08/05/17 and older.

Cost:  $275 tuition, $100 supply fee (includes all required texts below & IEW American History Writing Lessons.)

Here is what we have planned for middle school this year:


10:00-10:05 – Opening Prayer

Prayer and Brief announcements then dismissed to class.

10:05-10:50 – Science — Life Science and Anatomy — .5 credit with potential 1 credit:

Dialectic only life science and anatomy class with lab with Mrs. Faust.  Measuring, dissection (rat), microscope skills, and writing a lab report are all included. The course will correspond with the General Science, 2nd Edition, text by J. Wile.

Your scholar will earn .5 credit for their work at CSH. Complete work in text plus tests for full credit. Note that the J. Wile text is not provided by CSH, so to complete the credit you will need to purchase the book for your family.

10:50-11:25 – English: IEW US History-Based Writing Lessons — potentially 1 credit:

Tutors will present new concepts and we will have a class exercise. Homework will be assigned for extra practice.  Scholars’ writing will be critiqued by the tutor.  Grammar and sentence diagraming are also included. All books will be newly updated with vocabulary exercises, quizzes, and literature suggestions for at-home use.  No need to worry if you have a struggling writer, our partnership with IEW gives our tutors and families training on “How to adapt lessons to accommodate struggling and advanced writers in the program.”

Homework, 35 min/week.

To complete full credit complete the vocabulary exercises included in IEW at home.

For more information on IEW, please check out this link

11:25-11:45 – American Literature — .5 credit  — potentially 1 credit:

One historical fiction book per quarter, chosen to promote discussion (seminar) of historical context as well as demonstrate virtue and morals. Class Discussion will focus on the Catholic point of view as well as introduce students to literary elements such as plot and character analysis. 1st Quarter Literature Selection: Carry On, Mr. Bowditch, 2nd Quarter Literature Selection: Across Five Aprils, 3rd Quarter American Poems and Short Stories, 4th Quarter Tom Sawyer. Tom Sawyer was chosen to coincide with our study of Missouri state history since Mark Twain is a Missouri-born author.

To make this a full credit course it is recommended to read 1 more book per quarter (suggestions provided) and write 2-4 papers.

Homework will be reading one book over each quarter (approximately 8 weeks).








11:45-12:15 – Lunch Break: 

Bring a sack lunch to enjoy during our lunch break. A great time to socialize.

12:15-12:25 – US History Timeline:  

Timeline from Christopher Columbus to Modern American Times

  • Cover this week’s cards, review last week’s
  • Place events on timeline, map as appropriate
  • Analyze causes, make connections, and put events in context
  • Use the timeline at home to incorporate additional events and people.
  • Optionally,  use US History of your choice at home to tie everything together.

12:25-12:35  Speech — potentially 1 credit:

Scholars will present on Lives of Saints, the History Cards, or do a recitation.  A schedule of when your scholar presents will be provided.

American Pieces studied for recitation are; “Give me Liberty of Give Me Death,” by Patrick Henry; “Gettysburg Address,” by Abraham Lincoln; “Prayer of a Soldier in France,” by Joyce Kilmer; “Address to the Nations, 9-11-01,: by George Bush. Classical and oratorical skills addressed over the three tours.

Scholars completing three tours of speech, during the dialectic or rhetoric age, would earn 1 credit in speech, two tour completed earns .5 credit in speech.

Homework: 1-2 hrs/quarter

12:35-1:00 – Geography, Religion, Latin,  then memory work games:

  • Geography–Mapping the United States, (states, geographic features, and capitals)
  • Religion: Follow Tour I guide. Free integrated multi-age religion course is provided for home use as desired.
  • Latin:  Common Latin prayers, demonstrating how Latin is still alive in our faith. Tour I prayers will result in students being able to recite the entire Rosary in Latin. Homework: 5 min/day
  • Memory Work Games: Review of our work, and memory work on the Tour Guide

1:00-1:45 – Fine Arts —Tour I: American Art, Music, and Culture — .5 credit — potentially 1 credit:

Art class is with Mrs. Jones. The slideshow-based quarterly seminar introduces students to the development of and relation between art, music, and culture. Art projects develop skills related to the featured artist. Scholars will produce 2 pieces of quality art per quarter.

Earns students .5 credit art. Add music lessons for 1 fine arts credit. Add 1 book or report per quarter for 1 art or art history credit.

Our 2017-2018 Tutors:

Mrs. Anderson, main tutor –  Mrs. Anderson attended Missouri State University where she received her BS degree in English Education. She taught in public schools for six years both at the middle school and high school levels while also coaching Scholar Bowl and sponsoring National Honor Society. Mom of 3 boys, she is in her third year of homeschooling and deeply enjoying the time immersed in study and together as a family. She loves discussing literature, cultivating critical thinking, and helping students build their writing repertoires.

Mrs. Faust, science tutor – Mrs. Faust earned a BS in biology from Purdue University and a Ph.D. in Genetics from Baylor College of Medicine. She worked in academic research for  6 years,  studying mouse developmental genetics and embryology. She and her husband have three children, ages 18, 14, and 13,  and she has homeschooled them since her oldest daughter was in 3rd grade.

Last year was Mrs. Faust’s first time tutoring science at Catholic Schoolhouse, and she absolutely loved it. She is excited to be able to share her love of science with CSH students again this year!

Mrs. Jones, fine arts tutor – Mrs. Jones earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design from Missouri State University. She worked briefly in print production and freelance. She is a mother of two children and in her third year of homeschooling. Mrs. Jones hopes her students will cultivate creativity, leadership, and a love for the arts. In her
experience, anything can be cured with a little art, good food, and a nap. “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” –Albert Einstein

High School Yearly Rotation for Future Planning:

Tour I (2017-2018); IEW – U.S. History-Based Writing Lessons,   American Literature, Life Science and Anatomy Lab, and American Art
  Tour II (2018-2019); IEW – Ancient History-Based Writing Lessons, World Literature, Chemistry and Earth Science Lab, and Ancients Art
  Tour III (2019-2020); IEW – World History-Based Writing Lessons, British Literature (including Shakespeare), Physical Science Lab, and Renaissance and Modern Art.