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Krysta's Family, Spring 2013

Krysta’s Family, Spring 2013

A little about me & how our chapter started…….

I have homeschooled my children since 2006 when my oldest was starting 1st grade.  At the time I was pregant with my 4th child and I was teaching just one child. Now, I have 6 children and I am teaching 5 of them!

The year I started homeschooling I also joined a local homeschool co-op. That group has been my rock in our homeschool journey. Those families have changed our lives and have become our dear friends. It isn’t a very academic co-op and I didn’t think I would ever want something different.

Then I attended a three day homeschool event with two other moms from the co-op. We were all drawn to the program they offered, but we were also wishing it was Catholic. Off to Google I went to and found exactly what we had been looking for in Catholic Schoolhouse.

During day two of that conference I showed what I had found to my fellow catholic homeschoolers. They were also very enthusiastic about Catholic Schoolhouse. So, we put in calls and emails to Kathy, and after her fielding a ton of questions, we were sold. It was the beginning of July and it would be a lot of work to pull this together for a September start day, but I knew we could do it. I decided to be our chapter director and off to work I went to gather our group.

It is my prayer that this program is a huge blessing to many homeschool families in the greater Springfield, Missouri area. ~

Krysta ~ Director