Springfield, MO Chapter – Catholic Schoolhouse

Homeschool Success through a Classical Approach

Welcome to the Springfield, Missouri Chapter of Catholic Schoolhouse!!

~ Catholic Schoolhouse Overview ~

Catholic Schoolhouse is a supplemental program designed to help homeschool families enrich their educational experience through a flexible approach to learning inspired by classical elements, presented in a structured environment.  Children study the same topics in the grammar program, delving deeper into the material as they grow older. The whole family has a place at Catholic Schoolhouse.

We offer a Preschool program for children  2-4 years of age. (Parents of toddlers and infants have the option of utilizing a nursery instead .)
Children from 5-11 years old (K-6th) study the same topics in the grammar program, delving deeper into the material as they grow older.
Dialectic (12-14 years old or  7th-9th) and Rhetoric (15-17 years old or 10th-12th) students have opportunities for discussion, logic development, composition, and speaking, while staying focused on the fine arts and history time periods of the tour guide.

  • Are you looking for a classical Catholic program?
  • Do you desire a consistent, Catholic peer group for your children, the kind that builds lasting relationships and encouragement?
  • Do you feel burned out and are looking for ways to bring joy back to your homeschool?
  • Do you feel like you are juggling too many things and missing family unity?
  • Would you like to meet other parents with like-minded goals to share your journey?

Our art program is a first of its kind–wholly Catholic with projects meant to be enjoyed together by the entire family–all while staying in sync with the timeline.

Our hands-on science includes information and activities/experiments that coordinate with the memory work.

The History Cards (timeline) make you an expert because we have done the research for you and found you a historic art picture to go with each event creating cross-curricular learning.

The CD brings learning alive  and makes your job easier! We didn’t cut any corners. Everything that is in the Tour Guide (memory work) is on the CD, plus a bonus introduction for the featured saint, artist, and musician (which, by the way, also are integrated with the timeline) A variety of singers and styles will keep the ho-hums away!

Catholic Schoolhouse is more than a day out of the house; it can help bring structure and cohesiveness to your entire homeschool experience and will bless your family.

Meet your Catholic Schoolhouse Director: Cathy Bonham

I have been involved with CSH since 2017. I was blessed with an opportunity to take on the director role in 2018 and have watched this community grow from 5 families to 17 in a short time with over 40 children in regular attendance. I believe providing a place to build a community with like minded families in faith for the children is critical to their intellectual, emotional, and spiritual development

Along with my husband, Jeff, we are both licensed real estate agents with over 50 years combined experience helping families find and sell homes in Southwest Missouri. We have a passion for helping people that is evidenced by not only our longevity in this industry but also our track record of selling approximately 2,500 homes in that time.

Our daughter, Gabriella, was born in April of 2009, we have 7 Saint Babies, and are in the process of adopting. Gabriella absolutely loves reading, doing art projects, and all types of physical activities including basketball, softball, swimming, camping, and pretty much anything that can get her dirty to make more laundry for mom :-)

We feel honored that you are considering joining our community. We would love to be your resource for not only your child’s education, but also for any real estate needs you may have. Just shoot us a message at Springfieldmo@catholicshoolhouse.com or text met at 417-315-0597